About Tahiti Pearl Finder

Services Offered

Welcome to Tahiti Pearl Finder. We are here to help you find your dream Tahitian pearl. Our main service is to do a specific search for your pearl and help you purchase and acquire that pearl. If you know the exact specification of the pearl you want, you can use our “Specific Find Pearl Request Form“. If you are not quite sure about the pearl you want, you can specify a range of options on our “Flexible Find Pearl Request Form“. Using each of these forms will trigger one of our consultants to get back to you with a range of purchase options and prices. If you are then still interested we can send you photos of the pearls and also do a video consultation if necessary, showing you the exact pearls which are available.

If you want to browse some of our off the shelf options available for direct purchase you can browse our “Online Store“.

If you are planning a trip to Tahiti and you wish to visit some pearl stores, have an island tour, or even visit a pearl farm, you can request this with our “Pearl Tour Booking Form“.

Why use Tahiti Pearl Finder ?

The islands of Tahiti are scattered with quite a few pearl farmers on various remote islands.  The pearls from these farms end up in various retail shops around Papeete and the other holiday resort islands such as Bora Bora, Moorea, etc.  In Papeete you will find 10s of major pearl stores and a whole lot of market stalls and wholesalers.

Each of the retailers and farms are only really interested in selling you the pearls that they currently have in their shop at that time.

Here at Tahiti Pearl Finder, we don’t produce pearls, we just find them for you.  Each Tahitian pearl is unique and has its own pedigree.   We can help you find the right one for you.

Please contact us using the forms detailed above so we can start finding you your ideal pearl at the right price.